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GBMC is specialized in supplying of various kinds of smart curtain,smart motor and glass products. We are dedicated to provide advanced smart solution to buildings, decorations, auto industry etc. 

GBMC believe that the sole competitiveness comes from the advanced technology. We have been dedicated in the research and development of advanced manufacture techniques. 
Our quality level has been improved to higher level. At the same time, we strengthen the cooperation with our countrywide partners. Today GARDENS building are playing a more and more important role in the smart industry. We could supply a comprehensive range of products including smart blinds,curtain accessories,tubular motor,roman blind curtain,glass silicone,PDLC film,smart curtain,decorative glass etc. 
Our dedicated team of experienced sales professionals provides the essential support and after sales service necessary to ensure that all customer requirements are met promptly and efficiently. 
We have exported our products to the USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, Spain, Norway, UAE, Srilanka, Bangladesh and other countries and regions. 
Our target is Speciality, Credibility and Best Quality.
We kindly welcome all the clients come to build a smoothly business relationship!


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